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got dao to work on the living room computer. somehow. now to figure out how to play it on the couch with a rollerball mouse and barely able to read the text! it will. certainly be a new experience

I’ve been trying to play Dragon Age: Origins… I can’t get past the first mob in the tower of Ishal. My rogue sucks and tactics confuse me TwT”’

Yknow. That’s honestly one of the most troublesome bits in the whole game. I actually played as a rogue first and kinda quit pretty close to that. Honestly, I just pause constantly and try to watch for the grease and try to pick them out from far away. Even when I’m having issues I can usually get through if I’m careful and get used to the setup of the room enough…but if you really can’t get it, you can always temporarily turn down the difficulty in settings. no one has to know but you. I dunno! just watch what your party is doing carefully and hit the pause button after everything you do to give you time to think and order people around.

i’m giving up on nwn2 it’s awful and i fucking hate it

yknow what. maybe i’ll put dragon age (my LEGAL copy wow that’s weird) on the computer in the living room and see if I can play it in there. even though i’ve beaten it like 8 times (and I’m the type to get 70% through something and stop because I don’t want it to be over) and I play literally the same way every time (elf arcane warrior using virulent walking bomb and wooing the elf because whatever he’s funny and bi and i like him) i still love that game

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