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also it’s really sad that toudou just appeared and he has not called maki once

that was another change, in the anime it’s toudou that told manami that sohoku had an interesting climber. they also talked afterwards and just generally it was established that he knows maki pretty well

in the manga arakita said it even though really he wouldn’t give a shit and then there was no follow up

they’re kind of random changes but I agree with pretty much all of them

the thing I’ll say is better about the manga though with yowapeda is the way cycling is drawn

in the anime it’s obvious cgi but in the manga the use of line is really incredible. like especially the way he can show movement and distortion due to speed it’s almost unbelievable I mean sometimes anatomy and facial structure get seriously messed up in the process but it just looks like speed and intensity

generally the use of line is pretty interesting. I mean there’s some screentones mostly for large blocks of shading like the color of the road or a sweatshirt but in general pretty much everything is done using perfectly angled straight thin lines

I dunno it’s neat

really I thought The Van Man Of My Heart was an exceptionally minor character who wasn’t really memorable or well fleshed out in the anime but

I think he got to be in like 4 panels of the manga so far so really it was a massive step up to have so many scenes. like literally him talking to miki about the first race? him driving miki and the other girls to follow the race? his chat with onoda when he couldn’t decide whether to join or not? all of that is anime-only it’s shocking

really a bunch of miki’s scenes are new too and a lot of little things and character interactions are new and I like that it’s what I care about. plus the girls are more of characters in the anime I mean they’re still not much but it’s way better

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